The Latest Trends In Software Development

October 22, 2020

The Latest Trends In Software Development

As we approach the end of 2020 it’s important to look forward to what 2021 looks like in the world of software development. We’ve compiled a few notable trends below to help your business understand what’s important in the new year. As everyone knows, the technological landscape is always changing. There are always new streams of information flowing into the large rivers of current knowledge. Let’s take a look at what’s up and coming for the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Expansion Of The Cloud

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) has typically dominated the market share over the last several years, we may see more large companies merging and acquiring smaller companies. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is hoping their long-game strategy of promoting cloud-native standards eventually pays off, as it means they can be a leader in Cloud migration services. The implications of which, could mean more companies shift to Google Cloud over Amazon Web Services. Meanwhile, Microsoft is investing heavily into Azure and claiming to be #1 with their total cloud offerings including Office 365. Competition never hurt anyone, right?

Containerization Is King

As time passes, we see more and more services become containerized. Containers are becoming more and more popular by the day it seems. What is a container exactly? A container refers to an application that is packaged up with its dependencies in a self-contained unit. The great thing about containers is that they are platform agnostic and don’t rely on an underlying operating system. You can expect for container orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes to remain popular and an in-demand skill for a few years to come.

The Emergence Of Go

Thanks to backing from Google, Golang has started to shine. Many backend services are being refactored away from Ruby and Python application frameworks like Rails and Django, to Golang. Why is it becoming such a hot-button programming language? Well, it harkens back to the C programming language due to its “bare metal” nature. This meaning that its binaries sit so close to actual computer hardware that it runs extremely fast. It has simple concurrency mechanisms which drive scale. Go is a fast, type-safe programming language designed for scale while supporting distributed systems with gRPC integrations.

Artificial Intelligence

Though it’s a very broad space, you can still expect artificial intelligence to gain quite a bit of traction over the next 5 years. Many business have started to see that harnessing the power of AI can help them streamline their operations, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve customer service. AI can be also be a marketing play for existing software solutions. All of these factors show a positive net gain in many aspects of business performance.

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Internet Of Things And The Edge

Probably the most noticeable trend in software development is in the IoT and Edge computing space. There are new devices making their debut by the day, and many of them are extremely innovative! This market is a hot one! Almost every “smart” device we use is somehow related to the Internet of Things or the Edge. IoT allows use to connect our devices, sensors, vehicles, and much more through the public internet and beyond. The significance of these two technologies is unmatched currently, and we expect to see products and services in the space to grow exponentially.

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Chris Gonzalez
Development Enthusiast

Chris is currently a Computer Science student at Western Governors University. He enjoys all aspects of software engineering and web development.

Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez

Chris Gonzalez
Development Enthusiast

Chris is a currently a Computer Science student at Western Governors University. He enjoys all aspects of software engineering and web development.