The True Cost Of Bad Software Development

August 22, 2019

The True Cost Of Bad Software Development

Bad software can cause all kinds of issues for a company. Let’s look at the true cost of bad software. Cyber attacks, bad code in the workplace, and unrealistic timelines can all cost a company.

Bad Software
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Cyber Attacks

We have all seen the news stories. Large companies like Target and Equifax fall victim to hackers and lose control of customer’s data. These attacks can cost millions if not billions for organizations. Equifax was recently hit with $700 million in fines and restitution, $425 million of that going directly to the people that were affected. Everyone can agree that there is a true dollar cost that companies can face.

These attacks, and the ensuing fallout from them, cast shadows on organizations. The bad representation is hard for most large companies to shake on top of the financial losses. For smaller companies, they may not be able to recoup and could possibly even have to close due to this type of issue.

The technologies and methods leading to software attacks are many. They can be things like lack of encryption, back doors left open or simply displaying information that is sensitive. Because there are so many ways in which a company can be attacked, an emphasis on security in your company is vital, especially when dealing with private user information and any financially tied data.

Bad Software in the Workplace

When it comes to bad code in the workplace, poor software not only causes issues for the public and customer, but also within the internal employees.

Complex Code

Overly complex code can lead to low productivity, low motivation and poor morale in employees. It may put too large of a demand on developers and not allow them the time to grow their skills. This often leads to employee burnout which ultimately leads to a high rate of turnover. No one wants to deal with turnover. Having to onboard, train and adapt a new employee is expensive. It consumes time and money. If a company is already having issues with spending too much money, bad software will exacerbate it.

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Supporting Staff

Bad software also causes issues for the rest of the company. It can easily cause delays with work. Marketers are on hold waiting for the next release to fix issues. Quality engineers are getting overworked testing and regression testing. Workers of all departments are often left sitting idle waiting on new additions and fixes to be available. All these eventually lead to your company no longer being competitive in the marketplace.

Unrealistic Timelines

There is a saying in development, “If it’s wanted bad, they will get it bad.” Timelines with unrealistic expectations cause bad software. Many times in a developer’s career they will face this type of demand. When this happens, the client ends up getting what the timeline could produce. Developers cannot work around the clock to get a product out. They require rest. A sleep deprived employee will cause more issues in the long run.

A company needs to pursue quality first. Although the costs may be higher upfront, the investment in good software will pay off. Be sure to balance quality and effectiveness of your software.


Software can cost a company in many different ways. Cyber attacks and the emphasis on security is the top concern for many. Secondly, making things complex in your development environment may lead to high turnover along with delays. You may even lose a competitive advantage. Finally, unrealistic timelines never leads to quality software. If you’d like to engage Flint Hills Group on making quality software, get in touch with us!

Matt McCandless
Consulting Software Engineer

Matt McCandless is a consulting software engineer and writer in Wichita. He is skilled in Java, Integration, Javascript, SQL and Requirements Analysis.

Matt McCandless
Consulting Software Engineer

Matt McCandless is a consulting software engineer and writer in Wichita. He is skilled in Java, Integration, Javascript, SQL and Requirements Analysis.