July 31, 2019

Driving Innovation With US Armed Forces

Enelect lead a team with Flint Hills Group (FHG) and Lockheed Martin at AFWERX Fusion in Vegas this past week. We were one of the carefully selected technology companies competing to work with the United States Armed Forces. Cutting edge technology was presented by all companies in efforts to help the US armed forces survive and win in a hostile world.

Our SLAM-DR Solution

Our SLAM-DR (Simultaneous Localize and Map – Detect and Recognize) solution supports Find-Fix-Track-Target (F2T2) operations by simultaneously localizing and mapping incoming video or still images from Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs). With this, it creates an immediate and immersive 3D reconstruction with multi-object detection and recognition through the application of deep / machine learning methods.

Air Force Officials reviewing SLAM-DR in Las Vegas

This cutting-edge technology solution leverages drones, high definition 3-D mapping and real-time object identification to quickly identify targets of interest before they prove to be a threat to US forces.

The solution leverages these key steps:

  1. Find: Identify a target. Find a target within surveillance, reconnaissance data or via intelligence means.
  2. Fix: Fix the target’s location. Obtain specific coordinates for the target either from existing data or by collecting additional data.
  3. Track: Monitor the target’s movement. Keep track of the target until either a decision is made not to engage the target or the target is successfully engaged.
  4. Target: Select an appropriate weapon or asset to use on the target to create desired effects. Apply command and control capabilities to assess the value of the target and the availability of appropriate weapons to engage it.
  5. Engage: Apply the weapon to the target.
  6. Assess: Evaluate effects of the attack, including any intelligence gathered at the location.

This is an integrated, end-to-end process described as a “chain” because an interruption at any stage can interrupt the entire process.

Watch this amazing video of how SLAM-DR works:

SLAM DR Enelect Marketing Video for AFWERX Fusion

The Enelect solution provides cutting-edge object identification solution. As you watch the video, you will see at one point a bird is identified as it quickly flies past an oil tank. It’s that accurate and that fast.

The Best Of The Best In Attendance

The 100 participants who attended AFWERX Fusion in Vegas July 23rd and 24th of 2019 were carefully selected as the best of the best from over 330 applicants with impressive technical solutions.

AFWERX Fusion 2019 Winners

The Enelect/FHG/Lockheed Martin solution received a great deal of attention from various armed forces and other technology companies in attendance. Multiple requests for variations of the solution were requested and the team has been working on the viability of these solutions.

Unfortunately, our team did not make the cut for the top 30 companies at the event but we are working with other groups in attendance who have expressed interest.

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Dave Cunningham
Founder and CEO

A seasoned technical leader with over 30 years software engineering experience, Dave is a passionate collaborator who brings teams together for success.

Dave Cunningham - CEO Flint Hills Group
Dave Cunningham - CEO Flint Hills Group

Dave Cunningham
Founder and CEO

A seasoned technical leader with over 30 years software engineering experience, Dave is a passionate collaborator who brings teams together for success.


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