The Importance of Understanding Artificial Intelligence

April 22, 2020

The Importance of Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana, all of which are little boxes of AI sitting on your kitchen counter or in your pocket. The power of AI is all around us, and we need to recognize what it can do for us, but also be aware of its weaknesses. AI helps machines learn through experience, similar to the way humans learn. The power lies in enabling companies to analyze data faster than ever before, making the process of learning easier, and automating many once menial tasks.

How AI Helps Us Today

We can analyze data deeper and faster than ever before. As the available datasets grow, algorithms that power the intelligence grow in capability. For example, AI algorithms working for Netflix very cleverly suggest new titles for you to watch based on previous titles you have viewed, as well as how long you have viewed them. AI also adds a layer of capability to products we know and love. Often known as the “Internet of Things,” products like Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa can help us in ways we could only imagine even five years ago. These devices can help us secure our home, monitor the temperature in our fridge, turn our lights on and off, and even help us write our grocery list! This technology is changing on a daily basis and it is exciting to see where it will lead us.

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AI In Business

Examples of AI in business are plentiful. Have you opened your Gmail or Outlook app lately and noticed that it they are trying to complete your sentences for you? That is a prime example of artificial intelligence being used in a business context. But perhaps an even more impressive one is what Flint Hills Group built for Alyss Analytics. Alyss wanted to scale up its offering and had devised a game-changing candidate vetting service concept. The idea behind the software was that Alyss’ Artificial Intelligence model would analyze the specific data points within the footage and audio to determine each candidates ‘soft skills’ and offer a rating score based on facial mapping, content, and delivery. The success of such a venture would reduce the amount of time it would take for human resource professionals to screen candidates before a face-to-face interview. Ultimately, this solution would cut down on the time spent in the screening phase and help companies hire faster. Flint Hills Group worked closely with Alyss Analytics to produce a successful AI product that performed all of the required functionality. The project took five months to complete while using only 87% of the allocated budget.

AI In Healthcare

The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is fascinating. Advancements in the field are allowing doctors the ability to perform more accurate diagnoses of cancer in patients and to develop specialized treatment plans. Similarly, chat bots are being employed to listen to a patient’s symptoms and health concerns, and guide them to the correct care based on its diagnosis. Most impressive is the development of an AI powered radiology assistant that analyzes X-rays of patients. The AI-enabled assistant uses the imaging that it collects and runs it against various clinical findings it has studied. The findings are passed onto radiologists, who take the assistant’s reports into consideration when making a diagnosis.

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Challenges In AI

Artificial intelligence is not without its limitations. One such limitation is that AI models must be trained from data, and so they are only as good as the quality and reliability of the underlying datasets. It would be unwise for companies to employ an artificial intelligence tool that had a higher failure rate than its human counterpart. AI systems are designed to do one thing and one thing only. For example, a self-driving car algorithm will not be able to detect fraud. The intelligence is highly specialized and trained using a specific set of data and conditions. It is important to always be aware of pitfalls associated with employing artificial intelligence. By knowing what could go wrong, it helps build products that are designed to be right from day one.

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Chris Gonzalez
Development Enthusiast

Chris is currently a Computer Science student at Western Governors University. He enjoys all aspects of software engineering and web development.

Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez

Chris Gonzalez
Development Enthusiast

Chris is a currently a Computer Science student at Western Governors University. He enjoys all aspects of software engineering and web development.